Amie and Charlotte Messy Conversation 【32:00】

Amie gets asked about her previous shoots, what the customer likes and gets messy while doing so, she also learns a few things the customer likes, and how I like to make use of mess etc… Amie catches me out and surprises me with a pie then I pie her we have a little pie fight. I show Amie how to bob for ping pong balls in a bowl of custard and she tries it out to. Then she shows what’s she’s learn by using the bowl of custard on me afterwards showing not to waste any mess, then she gets mess all over my back. Then at the end I gunge her in the tank with black gunge, she rolls around then gets washed off. Mess used: chocolate sauces, toffee sauces, custard, mini pie dishes, bubble gum sauce, custard bowl on me, black gunge tank on Amie.

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  • Amie and Charlotte Messy Conversation 【32:00】-湿一身 - 视频站
  • Amie and Charlotte Messy Conversation 【32:00】
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